Reaction Light Training Drills to Improve Reaction Time

June 14, 2021 2 min read

Having a quick reaction time is not only important for athletes. There are a number of situations in everyday life that call for a swift reaction to a given situation. 

For example, if you slip on a flight of stairs, a quick reaction can save you from lethal injury. Luckily, you can undergoreaction time training to improve it.

Reaction Time Training UsingReaction Training Lights 

Here are somereaction training drills that can help you improve your reflexes and reaction time.

Reaction Sprints

  • Place 6 to 8reaction training lightsat random locations, 10 meters from each other. 
  • Connect them to the BlazePodreaction light training app and set them to turn on randomly.
  • Your goal is to run to the light that turns on and tap it.

As you don’t know which light will turn on next, this drill calls for incredible alertness and quick reaction times. It makes this drill one of the most effectivereaction time drills.

Plank Wars

  • Connect three training light pods to your BlazePod app and set them to turn on at random.
  • Get into a plank position and have a friend make the same posture in front of you. 
  • Place the lights so that both of you can touch them.
  • The goal is to tap the light off before your friend does. 
  • Tap the light with one hand while you maintain the plank on the other hand.
  • You can change your hands every 30 seconds.

This is a great drill not only for improving your reaction time but also for increasing the endurance of your arms and legs.

Suicide Sprints 

  • Configure three light pods to light up randomly using the BlazePod app. 
  • Place the pods in a row, 5 meters from each other.
  • Mark a starting line 10 meters from the first pod. 
  • Your goal is to run from the starting light and tap the pod that lights up as fast as you can.
  • Once you tap a pod, return to the start line before making another run. 
  • Do this until you have taped at least 20 lights.