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Personalize your training experience with a platform that fits your needs - train anywhere & anytime and create & customize activities, with our stimulating & innovative platform.





A woman performing a workout on a BlazePod, focusing on lateral movements

Tap into your instincts

Unleash your full potential and reach better results faster with BlazePod’s Flash Reflex™ Training methodology. Enhance cognitive & physical skills, and step up your reaction time, agility, decision-making, problem-solving, dual-tasking, and so much more.

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Join our global community of industry leaders, professional experts, and badass BlazePoders to maximize your experience online & in real life. Take it to the next level and become an expert yourself with our BlazePod® Academy courses, summits, and webinars.

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"Reactivity, agility, fun, easy to connect, and for all sports."

David Gouze


"With BlazePod, I can do any kind of exercise within a competitive, fun, and flexible environment."

Raúl González

Soccer Trainer

"BlazePod keeps the brains of young student-athletes engaged and activated during training sessions!"

Alessia McIntosh


"It allows innovation in training, and the athletes are satisfied and want to compete to improve their results."

Aleksander Włodarczyk


"The versatility of BlazePod fits into so many different training styles while being both fun and easy to use."

Joshua Hill


"They're an excellent way to get active, especially when used outside with the Pods spread apart. It beats jogging on a treadmill any day!"

Paul Sarantos


"BlazePod challenges my patients cognitively while they are pushing themselves to their limit."

Dana Broughton

Physical therapist

"The feedback in the app is probably one of the best parts. It’s challenging you to see your split-second reaction time which is the difference between you hitting the ball and not hitting the ball."

Kyle Valery

Movement health owner

"It provides different skill levels and live evidence which both excites and motivates my students in their skill development and growth."

Richard Bailes

Physical educator

"The best thing about BlazePod is you can train strength, endurance, coordination, agility, and speed. Fun in training is exactly what people need!"

Stefan Hartmann

Fitness trainer

"There is nothing better than combining sports, games, and fun! Plus, everyone can participate, young and old!"

Jules Korn

Fitness trainer