Personalized training for every need

BlazePod’s Flash Reflex (FRX) Training creates intelligent fighters. Sharpen focus, fight responses, and decisions that gain an advantage in the ring

Seize opportunities

Enhance brain processing abilities and shorten reaction time to recognize and respond to opponent openings

Control movement 

Achieve precision, focus, and absolute control, even when working on high-impact kicks and blows, combinations, or transitions

Boost fitness

Combine FRX strength and conditioning drills to be stronger, more agile, and quicker on the mat

Simulate sparring

Use straps and adapters to attach your Pods to boxing equipment like punching bags or rigs

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Martial Arts

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Does the BlazePod app come with predefined martial arts drills?
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Can I work on my skills as well as my fitness with BlazePod?

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Work on neural priming, spatial awareness, and reactions to create smarter, more reactive players.

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Martial Arts

Attack, defend, and navigate the ring faster and smarter to win every fight.

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work on neural priming, spatial awareness and reactions to create smarter more reactive players

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