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How reflex training lights boosts reaction time in handball

Updated on Mar 11, 2024
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The modern conception of handball makes it one of the fastest-paced games out there. This sport demands excellent teamwork and a strong set of skills, including split-second reaction times.

The environment during a handball game is constantly changing- and fast. To keep up, the players not only need to possess accurate throws and catches, but they also need to make efficient decisions and responses in a split second. That’s why handball speed training should make a large part of your team’s workout routine.

Enhances anticipation

Reaction time in sports refers to how long it takes to respond to a stimulus. A player with a shorter reaction time has a higher chance of responding faster, thereby beating an opponent. Anticipation is a skill that talented players use to shorten their reaction time. This is a crucial handball training skill that trains your players to accurately predict the outcome of an opponent’s action before they have completed it. This renders them more time to respond, which is a huge bonus in stressed situations.

Change in Attention Focus

Most of the handball agility training exercises in the Blazepod App involve switching concentration between the ball thrown from random directions and the light-up pods, all while maintaining balance. The ability to quickly switch focus in a high-pressure game like handball lets your players be in the present moment while allowing them to see things that could give them an edge earlier.

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Sharpens Decision-Making Skills

In the chaotic game of handball, the players are constantly choosing to change movement patterns or direction. The player who accurately processes the available information fast will choose the next course of action and respond first. This will always move them a step ahead of the opponent.

Develops Reactive Agility

When coupled with handball training cones, the handball-specific exercises in the Blazepod App will challenge your players to change direction and their body position while actively in motion. These activities will also work on their explosiveness and ability to accelerate and decelerate almost instantaneously.