Top 6 Soccer Drills for Kids- Fun and Enjoyable Drills for Beginners

March 24, 2021 8 min read

Top 6 Soccer Drills for Kids- Fun and Enjoyable Drills for Beginners

As a football coach, you probably understand the critical secret to choosing the best soccer drills for kids: ensuring they are having fun. Soccer is all about having fun regardless of age. Being able to offer this makes it easy to keep young players engaged while on the pitch. But most importantly, it intensifies their love for the game. This is critical if they are to play competitive soccer later in life.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 6 fun soccer drills for kids that will make your coaching sessions both enjoyable and fruitful.

Why You Should Make Football Training Sessions Fun

Before getting into the drills, here are a few fundamental reasons why you should strive to make your coaching sessions fun.

To keep them motivated

Young players can easily get disinterested in an activity if they no longer deem it fun. Soccer is not an exemption. Conversely, they will be eagerly looking forward to the next training session if the drills are fun.

Great solution to repetitive soccer drills

Practice leads to perfection of football skills. Unfortunately, repetition is the number one reason why kids lose interest in a particular activity. By making the activities fun and engaging, each training session will be fresh, and your players can improve on their abilities without getting bored easily.

Promotes a stress-free environment

A fun soccer training session is more likely to have a positive vibe where the players are not afraid to make mistakes. This motivates them to give their all and to become more creative.

Your kids will improve quickly

A positive training environment will keep the players motivated. They will also find fun in repetitive football drills. All of these benefits culminate in your players understanding the skills you’re teaching them quickly.

Fun Soccer Drills for Kids to Add to Your Coaching Sessions

Here are the different categories of football drills for children that we’ve included here;

  • Warm-up drills
  • Dribbling drills
  • Passing drills
  • Shooting drills

All the soccer training drills that we’ve highlighted here give your players a blend of excellent reaction times and agility. If you’re looking for ways to increase your young players’ explosiveness, you may want to add Blazepod to your training and practice equipment. These pods are designed to be tons of fun, engaging, and motivating and can be used at any level of training. 

Warm-Up Soccer Drills for 5 Year Olds

Warm-up skills are necessary for revving up the kids’ cardiovascular system and musculature. This prepares the body for aerobic activities besides lessening the risk of injuries. If you can identify warm-up skills that not only prepare the players physically and psychologically but also sharpen their skills, you’ll see better results quickly.

1. The Cone Chase

This is one of the most fun soccer drills for kids when warming up. It demands quick thinking and reaction times- a combination that prepares the players both mentally and physically.

Set up

Up to 10 or more players can play this game.

You’ll need as many cones as the players.

Divide the players into 2 groups. Name the players in one group in odd numbers (1, 3, 5 etc.) and the other players in even numbers (2, 4, 6 etc.).

Let the groups stand in a line opposite of each other with a distance of around 20 yards between them. Each of the players should stand behind a cone.


The players will be racing to collect a cone left by the other player.

How to play

To play this game, the coach calls out an even number and an odd number, for instance, 4 and 7. The respective players should sprint and grab the cone that the other player has vacated and take it ‘home.’ The player who reaches home first wins.

Coaching points

  • Competitive warm-up
  • Awareness
  • Attentiveness
  • Fast thinking. Where should I go?

2. Pac Man

Pac man is another very interesting and engaging activity for a coach or parent looking for soccer drills for 5 year olds. This is a simple drill that can be played by any number of players. It teaches them how to accelerate quickly without losing the ball and while being aware of other players’ positioning on the pitch.

Set up 

Pac man is best played indoors in well-marked basketball, tennis, or soccer courts.

It requires at least 5 players (each with a ball), and each session can be played for 10-20 minutes.

Let all the players stand along the lines of the court with their balls. Choose one player to be the Pac Man. 


The Pac Man dribbles along the lines of the court, trying to tag other players. 

How to play 

At the whistle, all players start dribbling the ball along the court markings. The Pac Man chases the other players hoping to tag them. The other players dribble along the court markings while looking for escape routes to avoid being tagged. Each player who is tagged becomes a Pac Man too. Each round ends after all the players have been tagged. 

Coaching points 

  • Keep the ball rolling 
  • Keep your head up 
  • Be ready to change direction
  • Vary your speed 
  • Agility and balance 

Dribbling Drills for Kids 

Dribbling is a core skill in soccer that essentially helps 6-16-year-olds in ball control. Like playing basketball, dribbling football skills teach the player how to move with the ball past an opponent without being tackled. Offensively, dribbling in soccer helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the game- scoring. As a coach, here are drills that will teach your kids how to dribble for soccer. 

3. Snake in the Grass 

‘Snake in the grass’ is another simple but very enjoyable drill that aims at improving those little football feet. This football dribbling practice offers a way for the players to work on their coordination and body movements. 

Set up 

  • To set up for ‘snake in the grass,’ use 4 cones to create a square grid approximately 15 by 15 yards in size.
  • All the players will be inside the grid.
  • The coach should choose 2 players who will be the snakes.
  • The snakes should lie on their stomachs on the grass.


The objective of this game is to have the snakes slither around the grid and touch all the other players. 

How to play 

Before the drill starts, all the non-snake players need to place one of their hands on any of the snakes. When the coach shouts, “snake on the grass,” each of the non-players should start dribbling the ball within the grid while attempting to avoid the snake by doing anything possible, for instance, running, jumping, cutting, or turning. On the other hand, the snakes should slither around to touch the non-snake players. Every player who is touched becomes a snake. The game ends when all the players become snakes. 

Coaching points 

  • Awareness 
  • Fake passes 
  • Quick thinking 
  • Fast responses 

4. Red Light Green Light 

This youth soccer game is often recommended to players above the age of 6. However, with moderation, it also makes one of the most exciting soccer drills for 5 year olds and 4 year olds. Similar to ‘snake in the grass,’ this game teaches the player how to have constant control of the ball in a tight space. 

Set up  

  • All the players should stand on one sideline with a ball. 
  • The opposite sideline is the end and where every player should target to reach. 
  • The coach (or the light) should always be 15-20 yards away from the closest player. 


The players should aim at beating the rest by being the first to reach the opposite sideline. 

How to play 

The game starts with the players making a line shoulder-to-shoulder along the sideline. The coach should be 15-20 yards away, facing away from the players. When the coach shouts ‘yellow,’ the players should slowly dribble the ball towards the coach. After some seconds, the coach calls ‘green,’ signaling the players to dribble fast. Lastly, the coach shouts ‘red’ as a sign for the players to freeze. After shouting red, the coach should turn and be on the lookout for players who are still moving. Any player who is caught has to go back to the starting point. The game ends when most of the players reach the other sideline successfully. 

Coaching points 

  • Be alert to coach commands 
  • Dribbling with speed 
  • Respond quickly to verbal cues 
  • Learning how to keep the ball close enough always 

Soccer Passing Drills for Kids 

Football is a team game. Keeping possession of the ball is essential to scoring and winning. One way of doing that is the ability to pass the ball to other teammates without losing it to your opponents. These soccer passing drills for kids will help your team dictate the play and conserve energy for scoring goals. 

5. Triangle Combination Soccer Passing Drill 

This is one of the passing games soccer drills that teaches your players combination play when under pressure. You can focus on different aspects, including the angle, pace, weight, and timing of the pass. 

Set up 

  • These passing drills for youth soccer require 4 players per group. You’ll need to divide the team into multiple groups to keep everyone engaged and entertained. 
  • Create a triangle by placing three cones 10 yards away from each other. 
  • Have 3 players standing around 1 yard outside of the cone and the fourth player behind player one
  • This game requires only one ball. 


This is one of the best youth soccer passing drills whose objective is to control the ball and pass it to the next player before sprinting to the next position. 

How to play 

To start this soccer training game, player 1 will kick the ball towards player 2. After kicking the ball, the player immediately vacates the cone and starts moving towards player 2. Player 4 immediately fills the gap left by player 1. Player 2 receives the ball with one foot and hits it with the other foot towards player 3. Player 2 also vacates his/her position and starts running towards player 3. The game continues. 

Coaching points 

  • Efficiency when passing the ball using both feet 
  • Excellent timing 
  • Great body balance 
  • Good choice of the appropriate surface of the foot to kick the ball with (outside, inside, or top)
  • Sharpening the player’s first touch skills 

Soccer Shooting Drills for Kids 

The ultimate goal for these football passing drills for beginners is to ensure that you’re developing players who can confidently score past the goalkeeper and score. You don’t want a team with the best 1v1 soccer skills for kids but zero scoring ability. Do you? 

6. Penalty Box Soccer 

As the name suggests, this game is played in the penalty area right next to the goalpost. It’s beginner-friendly and can be played by players U6 up to U12

Set up 

  • To prepare for this game, you’ll need a pair of football training bibs for the goalkeepers, one goal and 2 corner flags (or 4 corner flags to make two goals), and 6 balls. 
  • Begin by making a goal post on the penalty box line directly opposite the main goal. 
  • Divide the team into groups of 4 players. Have two of these teams competing against each other first, with one player on the goal post. 


The objective of this game is to have one team score the most goals within 2 minutes. 

How to play 

The game begins with one of the goalkeepers passing the ball to a teammate. Each team should work hard to score the most goals within the first 2 minutes. The team that scores the most goals wins and remains in the field as the losing team is replaced by another team. If no goals are scored in the first 2 minutes, the 2 teams are replaced by new teams. 

Coaching points 

  • Be comfortable when shooting the ball on target
  • Supporting teammates to score 
  • Scoring more goals 
  • Correcting mistakes fast 

Sharpening 5-year old kids’ soccer skills can be daunting thanks to their short attention span. As a coach, you want to focus on multi-skill drills that keep the players engaged and entertained at all times. 

Blazepod makes the drills more challenging and fun by creating a healthy competitive environment that pushes the players to offer their best. Learn how Blazepod sharpens your kids’ decision-making skills, dribbling speed, and agility by following the link below.