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Elevate your team to success and train your players
to make faster, smarter decisions on the pitch.

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Win every game with groundbreaking innovation

Discover the technology that assists your trainers through skill training, strength & conditioning, ball control and more.

Team Performance | Integratable Sport-Tech | Data & Stats

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Show progress on the pitch

Easily recreate real game scenarios that challenge players with technical demands, physical efforts, and cognitive processes.

Game Simulation | Player Awareness | Team Assessment

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Reach new heights

React & respond quicker to make the right pass at the right time and gain that competitive edge over your opponents.

Decision-making | Focus & Attention | Strength & Conditioning

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Return to play

Incorporate engaging visual cues into injury prevention training and rehabilitation that motivate athlete recovery.

Engaging Recovery | Cognitive Training | Mobility 

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Bring innovation to the pitch

Ignite your training with exciting,
cognitive-physical drills & activities using
vibrant light-up cues controlled
by the BlazePod app.

How it works?

  • Choose your activity
  • Place your pods
  • And… tap go!

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Level up your training Boost performace Focus on your athletes Manage your team

Beat your best

Exceed your potential with Flash Reflex Training™, our unique training method combines cognitive and physical challenges.

Train outside the box

Switch-up your training with a huge library of predefined activities, and create complex drills with multiple stations, color coding and more.

Simulate in-game situations

Focus on relevant cues to make the right pass, save or shot at the right time, and translate training progress onto the pitch.

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Keep them on their toes

Create in-game situations through unpredictable drills using randomized light cues.

Streamlined training

From easy set-up to individual player tracking in one smart app, that guides you from start to finish.

Data-driven accuracy

Get accurate data fed from the touch-sensitive pods straight into analytics dashboards that give you real-time data.

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Manage players

Add your players into the app, tap on the player performing, and analyze their progression with drills, challenges, and tests.

Share your coaching

Create, save and share your own drills and exercises with your players for independent or remote training.

Gain insight

Measure progress with result history and analytics that you can access and export anytime. 

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“BlazePod is a very adaptive piece of equipment allowing personalised reactive sessions… It can be used with goalkeepers, outfield players and all injured players regardless of pathology and stage of rehab. The range of use is unlimited and adds a fun element that our players are loving.”

Paul Watson
Head of Sheffield United FC Medical Department

“BlazePod helps me keep a professional level of cognitive fitness and agility. Adding an element of pressurised decision making to my strength exercises keeps me sharp and always ready for a game!”

Bobby Zamora
Ex professional footballer

"Top-tier athletes train not just to build muscle, but also to increase hand-eye coordination and reflex speed. BlazePod can do all three at once."

John Achterberg
Liverpool FC GK Coach

"The BlazePod’s have been an unreal addition to the training kit when working with elite athletes. We use them to help stimulate different physical & mental outcomes. Players love to compete against each other, in small groups or as a whole squad… honestly couldn’t recommend them enough!"

Amy Shaw
Strength & Conditioning coach, Arsenal Women FC

“Training with the Pods is extremely motivating. Keeping both my body and my mind sharp and ready for action is so important, so using BlazePod’s different settings to create drills with decision making goals makes me push myself much harder.”

Asmir Begović
Professional Goalkeeper, Everton FC

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