Blazepod Low-Impact Exercises for Your Cardio Workout Routine

Cardiovascular exercises, also known as cardio or endurance exercises, mainly engage the aerobic metabolism. These activities repetitively engage large muscle groups in the body, causing an increased demand for oxygen. Consequently, you breathe more deeply, and your heart rate goes up to maximize the absorption of oxygen from the lungs into your circulatory system.

Forms of Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts fall into 2 major categories; high-impact and low-impact. Impact in this context refers to the amount of force that the physical activity exerts on your bones and joints.

In that case, high-impact exercises, for instance, jogging, running, and gymnastics, tend to be tougher on your bones. These exercises often get a bad rap because they carry the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

On the contrary, low-impact exercises cause minimal force on your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. These are light cardio workout exercises that don’t involve pounding the ground, including walking, yoga, stationary bicycling, and pod cardio workouts.

If you’re new to light cardio workout or getting back after a break, the Blazepod flash reflex training system offers a fun and effective solution.

Whether you’re aiming at getting in shape, shedding some calories, or preparing for competition, the Blazepod App has an endless list of fun, low-impact exercises for just that.

Some of the activities in the App include isometric exercises that involve contracting a particular group of muscles for some time. Including these exercises in your workout routine may help in toning your muscles and maintaining muscular strength. When incorporated into a functional strength training program, these activities also benefit athletes with explosiveness, speed, and power.

You’ll also want to make friends with the speed hurdle drills. More than just for athletes who want to boost their flexibility, core strength, and range of motion, lateral hurdle jumps also help develop balance and coordination.

Blazepod is designed to promote fitness and wellness in the whole family and packs children-friendly exercises to add to their fitness routine, too. 

Take it from the experts

Jamal Liggin

Owner of JLT Performance Gym

"Reaction and reaction time are the main pillars of training athletes. BlazePod is the best way to challenge your athletes' reaction, especially at the end of a long session. This is a vital element of being a pro athlete and BlazePod helps my athletes grow with each session."

Kostas Chatzichristos

Head of Performance, CSKA Moscow

"Reaction training was always an integral part of our movement training. I love the variation, training options and ease of use that BlazePod provides during our session. One of our most-used training tool"

John Achterberg

Liverpool FC GK Coach

"Top-tier athletes train not just to build muscle, but also to increase hand-eye coordination and reflex speed. BlazePod can do all three at once."

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