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How to use coins to improve your reflexes in boxing

Updated on Jun 27, 2024
1 min read

If you do not have training lights or can’t buy them, you can use coins to get better at reflexes and reaction time. This blog covers some of the most effective coin catch reaction time improvement drills that anyone can use.

So, let’s see how to use coins system to improve boxing reflexes.

Coin Catching

  • Stand straight with one arm extended horizontally in front of you and your palm facing the ground.
  • Put a coin on your hand and move your hand to toss it up into the air at least 10 to 15 cm.
  • Just when the coin leaves your hand, rotate the hand and try to catch the coin.
  • To make the drill harder, you can increase the number of coins.

Coin Drop

  • This drill needs a partner to be completed.
  • Stand 5 to 6 feet from your partner.
  • Ask the partner to hold a coin in their hand and stretch their arm out.
  • Your partner can drop the coin at any time without giving you any hint.
  • Your goal is to catch the coin before it reaches the ground.
  • The drill can be made harder by standing farther away from the partner.

This reflex coin drill is great for both reaction time and agility.

Easy and Effective

Coin catch reaction time improvement drills are really simple and do not require any specialized equipment. You can do them alone or with a friend, and they will help you improve your reaction time as well as refine your reflexes.

And just like we always say, practice is the thing that actually improves your reaction time, agility, and reflexes.

So, if you keep investing your time in these drills or any other reaction time drills, you can one day reach the level of paglinang ng reaction time coin catch.