At BlazePod, we’re on a mission to reinvent training all over the world, empowering any athlete in any sport, and in any fitness or therapy domain to realize new levels of potential, breaking all previous barriers.

That’s why we invented the BlazePod experience, bringing to life our belief that training is so much more powerful when it combines body and mind, and when it’s gamified, exciting, and even addicting.

So, with a lot of scientific research, out-of-the-box thinking, and meeting of the minds, we developed the Flash Reflex Methodology and the cutting-edge technology that drives our app and Pods, so trainers can deliver the ultimate training experience.

What we’re all about

We’re a team of dreamers and doers, driven by the vision to make training more powerful, engaging, and exciting than it’s ever been.

Each and every one of us brings a passion for sports and fitness, as well as deep expertise in improving performance.

And this is the fuel that drives us to continually come up with more and better solutions for driving the most effective and exciting training experiences.

The BlazePod vibe

At BlazePod, taking initiative, turning bold ideas into reality, and bringing sports and fitness excellence to life is what we live and breathe every day. That’s why we nurture an environment that’s flexible, inclusive, and designed to inspire collaboration, creativity, and excitement!

We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. So, just like the training experiences we deliver were designed to motivate, inspire, and take performance higher, so is everything else we do here.

Our leadership team

Yaniv Shneiderman

Yaniv Shneiderman

Founder & CEO

“My vision is to put BlazePod in every club, every gym, every home, every classroom, and every office, making people’s dreams and goals come true. From the moment I saw the reaction to the prototype of BlazePod, I knew my mission was to spread the light of this game-changing platform. And since then, my vision has only been expanding - I picture BlazePod in every club, every gym, every home, every classroom, every office, making people's dreams and goals come true.”

Gili Hirsch

Gili Hirsch


"BlazePod is the ideal combination of innovation and simplicity - bringing the next generation of technology into a user-friendly platform that lets you train at the highest level with simple tools - light up Pods and an app. It’s smart and motivational, helping you push yourself beyond your limits."

Ran Bahir

Ran Bahir

VP of Finance

”We’ve created a unique and accessible methodology so that everyone can train like a pro. One of the most exciting things about BlazePod is the accessibility of something that was once preserved for the highest level of top-tier athletes and facilities, and bringing it into our day-to-day lives so that everyone can train like a pro.”

Netanel Perez

VP of Sales

“The BlazePod community is my go-to for inspiration, creative ideas, and a sense of togetherness. The BlazePod community is so inspiring. As part of the team and an avid user, I constantly turn to our community for ideas. And watching young kids enjoy it so much while making real progress proves we’re doing something right.”