BlazePod is a holistic reaction training platform that guides your training from start to finish. Incorporate your Pods in activation, strength & conditioning, skills training, and rehabilitation to enhance training with visual cues that challenge you, your athletes and clients.

Browse the BlazePod App and choose pre-made activities, and create, save and share your own. Navigate through different training features and measure performance down to milliseconds, analyze results with instant data to see where improvement is needed, and act on it!

By buying BlazePod, you have the option to select from a wide range of our light Pods kits and bundles, which serve as reaction training platforms. To access the platform, you need to download the free BlazePod app, and you will immediately receive our BlazePod Go plan. If you wish to elevate your training to the next level, you can upgrade to BlazePod Pro anytime. Additionally, you can add more accessories to enhance performance and tailor your training as per your liking.

BlazePod Go is a completely free option for casual users! We offer 30+ predefined activities, as well as the ability to create your own activities based on our most popular light logic, random.