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Hockey whole team reaction and agility light training

Updated on Jun 27, 2024
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Hockey is fun and enjoyable to play and watch. But it’s hard to deny that this is one of the most challenging and unforgiving forms of sports out there. This game is as fast-paced as it’s dramatic. From the beginning, ice and field hockey players are trained to be tough and extremely agile to endure the beating involved.

Why is reaction time important in hockey?

Hockey is undeniably one of the fastest sports today. With players making bursts of up to 30mph and the puck regularly clocking 100mph+, reaction speed is of supreme importance. Whether you’re the goalie, defender, or forward, you need to have both physical and mental quickness if you want to stay a step ahead of your opponents.

Hockey goalie training lights offer one of the best solutions for boosting explosiveness in this sport. Advanced hockey lights like Blazepod work by enhancing split-second decision making, hand-eye coordination, and rhythm, among other vital components encompassing reaction speed.

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How Blazepod Benefits Improves Your Players’ Reaction Speed in Hockey


Lightning-quick hockey goalie reaction time is the best weapon that a team can possess. Stopping speedy slapshots above 100 mph all while wearing a 50-pound gear is not an easy feat. Blazepod has a series of exercises to train them to make quick and controlled responses through anticipation, clue reading, and visual skills to boost their reaction.


Defensemen are required to protect the goalie, although they are also needed to help in launching attacks. From Blazepod’s hockey category, you can select drills that develop your defensemen’s ability to predict, recognize, and read oncoming opponents’ moves and know how to react accurately and efficiently.


These are the most offensive-minded players on a hockey team. Their crucial role is to ensure that the team scores as many goals as possible through direct goals and assists. Blazepod pods can be set in a way that trains forwards (as well as other players) to keep their heads up. Some of these activities also focus on quick decision-making, reading the environment, and recognizing opponents to avoid potential checks.

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