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7 tips for training in a calorie deficit

Updated on Mar 11, 2024
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Training in a calorie deficit mode is an excellent way to lose weight. The formula here is simple; just reduce your calorie consumption to a level below what your body is consuming, and you’re good to go.

However, the issue with training in this mode is that your body does not have enough energy for all the activities you perform. Also, while you’re at it, your body often takes more time to recover, making your training both physically and mentally difficult for you.

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How to train in a calorie deficit mode?

If you’re wondering how to train in a calorie deficit mode, let us help you out. As we said before, it all comes down to cutting the level of your calories.

If you want us to be more explicit, here are some tips for calorie deficit training that you can easily make a part of your routine.

  • Consume a high level of proteins.
  • Plan your diet in such a way that it is 20 to 30 percent protein. As a rule of thumb, you should consume 1g of protein for every pound of your body weight. It will keep you from feeling hungry and will reduce your recovery time.

  • Don’t push the limits.
  • When training in calorie deficit, do not push your body to the point of failure. Leave the last 2-4 ranks. Your body is low on energy, and its performance and recovery can’t keep up with that.

  • Train less, rest more.
  • When you are training with a calorie deficit to lose weight, you must try to reduce both the frequency and volume of your training as compared to your regular days. As the recovery process is slow, give your body adequate time to recover.

  • Try to shift to bodyweight exercises.
  • This one is a psychological trick. As you are losing weight, you’ll be able to perform better at chin-ups, pull-ups, and pushups. It will give you a lot of motivation.

  • Try new things.
  • When you have a low level of energy in your body, motivation and willpower are what keep you going. Keep yourself interested by trying new things.

  • Master the technique.
  • As you will not be able to lift record weights with a low level of body energy, you can instead focus on getting better at the technique. Seeing yourself improve will motivate you.

  • Don’t train on calorie deficit beyond 10-12 months.
  • It is not recommended to be on calorie deficit training for more than 10-12 months. Switch to your maintenance diet for two weeks and then go back to calorie deficit if you have to.

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