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5 ways to improve your reflexes

Updated on Jun 27, 2024
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There are more reasons than we can count for you to have excellent reflexes and exceptional reaction time. From high-pace sports to avoiding deadly accidents, good reflexes and an improved reaction time can always help you.

Luckily, there are a number of reflex training techniques and drills that can be used to improve reflex times not only for sports, but also for everyday life.

How to improve reaction time and reflexes?

Here’s how to increase reflexes and improve your reaction time.

Play any sport regularly

Nothing can be better than sports for your reflex training. Playing a sport regularly can benefit you on the fronts of agility, speed, reaction time, and the general state of your health.

To get the best results in terms of reflexes, choose a fast-paced sport like squash, tennis, or martial arts.

As reflexes are involuntary and can’t be ‘learned’ in one go, you’ll have to play the sport regularly for a long time to develop muscle memory.

Improve your sleep

Acute sleep deprivation can have the same impact on your reflexes and reaction speed as a few shots of hard liquor. If you make a habit of inadequate sleep, the effects can be permanent and slow you down in general.

If you want to have amazing reflexes, it is imperative to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

Relax and avoid stress

Tense and stiff muscles have an adverse effect on your reflexes and reaction time. According to a 2010 study, people who perform meditation regularly tend to have better performance in reaction time and reflex action tasks.

To have good reflexes, you need to avoid stress as best you can and spare some time for relaxing and meditation exercises like yoga.

Eat green Veggies

According to researches conducted at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University, people with tyrosine (a chemical found in spinach) in their blood perform better at tasks that require good reaction time.

Making foods with high tyrosine levels a part of your diet can help improve your reaction time.

Now that you know how to improve reflexes, you must spare some time for the above-mentioned methods every day. Improved reflexes can help you in more ways than you can even imagine.