Reaction Ball Drills for Improving Reaction Time

June 14, 2021 2 min read

A reaction ball is a 6-sided bouncing ball that is mainly used for reaction time improvement training. The unusual shape of the ball makes it bounce back from a surface in an unpredictable manner, making it perfect forreaction time exercises.

The unpredictable nature of the reaction ball’s movement makes it great for coordination improvement training, reflex action improvement, and for developing other skills that are important for sports like boxing and ball games. 

Today, we will discuss the most effectivereaction time drillsthat you can perform with the help of a reaction ball.

Reaction BallExercises to Improve Reaction Time

Here are threereaction time exercises that can be performed with a reaction ball to improve reaction speed and reflexes: 

1. Drop and Catch 

  • Stand straight and stretch an arm out as far as you can.
  • Drop the reaction ball and try to catch it as it bounces back.
  • Keep increasing the height from which you drop the ball; start at waist height and eventually move to drop the ball from above your head.

2. Ball Tossing 

  • Stand straight, holding the ball in your hand.
  • Throw the ball upwards a couple of meters.
  • When it bounces back from the floor, try to catch the ball with one hand.
  • Keep increasing the height of your throw to make the drill more challenging for you.

3. Tossing the Ball Against the Wall 

  • Stand 10 meters from a solid ball, holding a reaction ball.
  • Throw the ball to the wall with an underhand toss.
  • Try to catch the ball after it bounces on the ground.
  • Throw the ball harder against the wall to make the drill challenging.
All thesedrills to improve reaction time are universal and can be used by athletes of any sport.