Revolutionize your training


Train like a pro

Personalize your training experience with a platform that fits your needs - train anywhere & anytime and create & customize activities, with our stimulating & innovative platform.


Tap into your instincts

Unleash your full potential and reach better results faster with BlazePod’s Flash Reflex™ Training methodology. Enhance cognitive & physical skills, and step up your reaction time, agility, decision-making, problem-solving, dual-tasking, and so much more.


Inspire your training

Join our global community of industry leaders, professional experts, and badass BlazePoders to maximize your experience online & in real life. Take it to the next level and become an expert yourself with our BlazePod® Academy courses, summits, and webinars.

Conquer every goal, on every field

Train on neural priming and spatial awareness for faster, more accurate responses on the field.

Improve stamina, strength, and agility, with exciting and explosive new exercises.

Attack, guard, communicate, and shoot better on the court.

Attack, defend, and navigate the ring better than ever to win every fight.

Maximize responses for more agile footwork techniques, better serves, and more.

Enhance patient engagement, improve cognitive skills, and accelerate rehabilitation.

Take it from the experts

Jamal Liggin

Owner of JLT Performance Gym

"Reaction and reaction time are the main pillars of training athletes. BlazePod is the best way to challenge your athletes' reaction, especially at the end of a long session. This is a vital element of being a pro athlete and BlazePod helps my athletes grow with each session."

Johnny Stephene

NBA Skills Coach

"Training NBA and other elite players with BlazePod has been a game changer because we see the results in the app in real-time and show them how they are improving from day to day. The players' ball-handling skills are constantly getting better, and they are moving faster on the court."

John Achterberg

Liverpool FC GK Coach

"Top-tier athletes train not just to build muscle, but also to increase hand-eye coordination and reflex speed. BlazePod can do all three at once."

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BlazePod Kit 4 Pods


Start your BlazePod journey with these training essentials

Ultimate Trainer Bundle


Get everything you need for on-the-go, hard-working trainers at all levels

Ultimate Team Bundle


The must-have solution for all sports clubs, facilities with multiple trainers or clinicians

Interested in special offers & customization options for large groups and organizations? Let’s talk!

Meet our community

"Reactivity, agility, fun, easy to connect, and for all sports."

David Gouze


"With BlazePod, I can do any kind of exercise within a competitive, fun, and flexible environment."

Raúl González

Soccer Trainer

"BlazePod keeps the brains of young student-athletes engaged and activated during training sessions!"

Alessia McIntosh


"It allows innovation in training, and the athletes are satisfied and want to compete to improve their results."

Aleksander Włodarczyk


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