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Ua combine - test your limits
and unleash your true potential

By Simon Jacobs
Updated on Jun 04, 2024
1 min read

The Under Armour Combine is back for its second year in the APAC region and with double the hype!

New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines have been added to last year’s host locations, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The amount of competing athletes has grown too, after the success of 2022, with hundreds of athletes at each location ready to take on the challenge.

The UA Combine will put athletes from all sports and training disciplines to the test, allowing them to uncover their true capabilities through professional-level challenges designed for professional athletes.

Under Armour has announced BlazePod as their UA Combine cognition partner for 2023-2024, with the FRX training solution being used in two out of the eight physical and mental test stations. BlazePod was chosen by UA combine’s team of professionals, who recognized its ability to provide pro-quality tests that inject motivation, excitement and a true physical and mental challenge while providing precise reactive timing.

The athletes will test their limits in the following 8 categories:

Strength - 3RM bench press

Agility - BlazePod’s Agility Star drill

Speed - 40 yard dash

Vertical explosive power - Vertical jump test

Power - 20m sled push

Cognition - BlazePod’s Reactive Intelligence Wall challenge

Stamina - Pull up beep test

Endurance - Beep test

Cash prizes will be handed out at the event to the top 3 men and women from each location, along with UA and BlazePod products.

Train for the UA Combine with the Cognitive Agility Challenge!