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5 reasons BlazePod is the ultimate reaction training platform

By Simon Jacobs
Updated on Jun 03, 2024
1 min read
5 reasons BlazePod is the ultimate reaction training platform
5 reasons BlazePod is the ultimate reaction training platform

Every athlete strives to be their best, and every coach aims to create the conditions in which their athletes can fulfill their full athletic potential. Studies have shown that reaction training, which combines cognitive training with physical exercise, is highly effective for achieving this end. BlazePod is a reaction training platform that enables coaches to create the optimum environment for achieving boosting performance. To do so, BlazePod harnesses its technology and design to incorporate elements that are crucial for reaction training:

  1. Engaging visual cues - In reaction training, athletes need to respond to a stimulus. The BlazePod Kit consists of sleekly designed light-up Pods that provide vibrant visual cues in 8 different colors, that trigger the brain to focus, ignore distractions and react.
  2. Advanced tracking abilities - When the goal is minimizing reaction time, every millisecond counts. The Pods have touch-sensors in them, and track every hit with unparalleled accuracy. The data is fed instantly into the BlazePod App, presenting the athlete’s reaction speed at every part of the drill.
  3. Versatility - The more ways you find to challenge your body, the better the long-term results will be. The BlazePod App has a huge library of activities and customization options, ensuring the athletes are always on their toes, their brain focused and ready, and their training dynamic.
  4. Motivating - Reaction training at a high-level is a grueling process that requires determination and perseverance. BlazePod helps coaches create an inherently motivating environment, combining gamification and competition with attention-capturing lights. The Pods motivate the athlete to keep giving his all until the very end of each drill, providing him with instant results that tempt him to try again and beat his best!
  5. Adaptable to every sport - Reaction training is an effective way to improve athletic abilities, no matter the sport or discipline, but certain exercises are more suitable than others for each sport. That’s why BlazePod is such a useful tool - it’s fully adaptable to any type of athlete. You can also add accessories to your kit to create any scenario you need.