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5 benefits of using BlazePod for basketball players

By Shane Bernstein
Updated on Jun 03, 2024
3 mins read

What makes BlazePod so unique and special is the fact that it isn’t limited to one sport or fitness activity. The opportunities are endless as our team consistently brainstorms new ideas, challenges, and drills to incorporate with BlazePod. As basketball is growing and trending upon BlazePoders, here is a list of five benefits that will assist you on the court.

1. Strengthen balance

With all the repetitive quick changes of movement in a sport like basketball, players can be prone to injury. Maintaining great balance and flexible joints can be the simple answer for an athlete to steer them away from watching the season from the sidelines.

With the help of BlazePod, there are many different exercises (with or without a ball) where players can strengthen their muscles, becoming lighter on the court.

Whether it’s going for a rebound, blocking a shot, or shooting a jumper, it’s so important to land on two feet as softly as possible in order to avoid any possible injuries.

2. Enhance ball handling

You can give it an argument, but the first skill anyone picks up when they get into basketball is the ability to dribble.

The older you get, the better the defense gets, therefore, your ball handling has to be consistent, creative, and controlled. If you think Steph Curry was just blessed with the ability to cross up defenders, you’d be wrong. Countless hours have been put into his as well as every professional player’s ball-handling training.

BlazePod’s drills allow you to put yourself in gameplay scenarios within your training, as well as work on pure speed and control. When doing a timed ball handling drill with BlazePod, you will physically be able to see yourself improving. The lights are also a great way to force yourself to stay low to the ground and keep your head up, a mistake many young athletes make.

Once the muscle memory is built, it will almost be second nature when it comes to game time.

3. Increase stamina

Basketball is a long game at a very fast pace. Increasing your stamina will make it easier for you to sprint up and down the court and keep up your defender for the entire game.

Using the timed drills to your advantage will get your heart beating fast, build your stamina, and help you control your breathing. If it's too fast for you to start, make the timeout or light delay time longer until you build up your stamina.

It’s very rewarding to see yourself progress throughout workouts and watch it pay off on the court or field.

4. Diversify scoring

Whether it be jump shots or attacking the basket, scoring is all about repetition and feeling comfortable with the ball. Using BlazePod as light indicators on the backboard or cones helps simulate game-time situations when you have to make a split decision on what kind of shot to take.

Finding a comfortable and effective jump shot can be tricky for some players. Even professionals find themselves in a shooting slump from time to time, and it can be stressful to get out of it. Using the lights to direct you to different parts of the court is an amazing way to switch it up, not allowing you to sit in the same old rut.

The duration used for scoring drills gives you the opportunity to track how many you can make in the allotted time. It can become a competition for yourself or with a friend to see who can make the most.

5. Elevate passing and court awareness

A key way to set yourself apart from other players is having the ability to find the open man. Passing is a simple, but extremely effective step to turning your game to the next level.

Every coach appreciates a team player; the player who made it a priority to work on their playmaking skills to overall benefit team play. Being able to read the defense successfully and having excellent court awareness can lead to many easy buckets, especially in the fast break.

Similar to scoring drills for basketball, the lights act as an indicator of where to pass the ball. Throw in some defenders in there, and you got a pretty difficult but beneficial drill.

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