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EURO 2024 players using BlazePod’s Reactive Intelligence Technology

By Timna Katz
Updated on Jun 06, 2024
3 mins read

Ever wonder what separates a good soccer player from a champion? Raw talent isn’t half of the winning equation. Instead, Reactive Intelligence training is essential in turning a spontaneous player into an instinctive one.

By blending mental agility with physical challenges, FRX teaches players to process information on the fly, make split-second decisions, and dominate the pitch.

Keep reading to discover 4 EURO 2024 players who are using BlazePod’s cognitive light training technology to improve their Reactive Intelligence, and will surely leave a lasting impression on the pitch throughout this summer tournament.

Trent Alexander-Arnold 

Slowly migrating from a fearsome defender to a midfield player, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold may have contributed to the club’s first League title in 30 years, but it wasn’t purely down to natural skill.

An expert at crossing the ball to teammates on the opposite end of the pitch, Alexander-Arnold is one of the most decisive players to watch. Rather than making impulsive plays, the Liverpool Vice-Captain stands out for his unique ability to anticipate where his competitors are moving, enabling him to prevent them from advancing.

By training his visual awareness, information processing, and reaction speed with BlazePod’s light training technology, Alexander-Arnold has more in-depth spatial awareness, faster reaction time, and the ability to visualize two to three steps ahead of just about anyone. This will certainly give England the edge at the EURO to finally take home the coveted prize.

Aurélien Tchouaméni

Aurélien Tchouaméni has quickly established himself as an elite midfielder in La Liga that the opposition never wants to encounter on their way to the goalposts. Amongst his ball-winning records and speedy passing time, Tchouaméni has made himself stand out for his ability to predict his teammates’ movements. By tapping into his Reactive Intelligence, the superstar midfielder quickly analyzes the pitch, leads passes with intention and kicks the ball to gaps on the pitch that he knows his teammates will reach before the opposition.

On top of that, through his training with BlazePod’s cognitive light technology, the Frenchman’s enhanced situational awareness and intense focus help him make critical decisions even when his back is against the wall.

Mateo Kovačić

Croatian-born midfielder Mateo Kovačić may have one of the most impressive resumes, with 4 Champions League medals, La-Liga and Premier League titles, and even a FIFA World Cup Runners Up Medal amongst his accomplishments, but he is more recognizable by his unparalleled control over the flow of the game.

By leveraging his cognitive agility and razor-sharp decision-making, Kovačić consistently takes opportunities when they present themselves. When he senses a chance to charge towards the goal, make no mistake; Kovačić will take it.

However, it wasn’t his pure skill and opportunistic attitude alone that has earned the nickname, ‘The Professor’, the Manchester City star is credited for his exceptional drive, work ethic and reliability.

Becoming a dependable player, and staying one, comes down to training his brain to react optimally to unexpected situations. With BlazePod’s Reactive Intelligence training system to hone in on his already rapid reactions, Kovačić continues to excel in his gameplay evaluations, enhanced coordination, and reaction time.

Adrien Rabiot

At 6'2, Juventus’ Adrien Rabiot may be relatively tall for a central midfielder, but he is no less reactive to sudden gameplay changes. Just like Tchouaméni, he is excellent at directing the ball to the perfect spot on the pitch, Rabiot is equally as impressive at sensing where a ball is being directed. Often called ‘Cavallo Pazzo’ by crazed fans, meaning ‘Wild Horse’ in Italian, Rabiot knows how to drive the ball forward with unparalleled power when it reaches his possession. However, it’s his horse-like power in combination with his reaction time and visual awareness that makes Rabiot special.

Once he gets a hold of the ball, you will rarely see him panic and revert to impulsive passes or kicks. To last the course, midfielders have to be adept at switching between offensive and defensive play within seconds. By training with BlazePod, Rabiot is concentrating on observing, processing, and responding faster to real-time situations. When the time comes, the beloved French underdog makes difficult split-second choices with ease.

With the EURO on the horizon, Rabiot will be looking to bring another European championship back to France.


While each of them offers their own unique display of skills and tactics, these four players are in peak form and ready to light up this summer’s tournament. It’s safe to say EURO 2024 will not be one to miss!