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3 basketball drills incorporating BlazePod

By Shane Bernstein
Updated on Jun 03, 2024
2 mins read

There’s no question that every athlete wants to be considered the best in their respective sport, but only the ones who are willing to put in the work get that satisfaction. In order to excel in basketball, it's pivotal to work on all aspects of gameplay. Whether it be shooting, defending, playmaking, etc, all play a huge factor in individual and team success. Incorporating various training equipment such as BlazePod is a great way to practice and simulate game situations. Here are just three useful drills using BlazePod that you should give a go if you’re looking to develop your basketball skills.

1. Shoot or Feint

Shoot or Feint is the perfect drill for experienced shooters who are looking to add some flare or movement to their shot. After placing the two pods on the backboard, the player is to start at the free throw line, alternating feinting to the side by side lighted pod until the third color comes up. Once that third color lights up, take a side step shot.

This drill works on decision making, ball skills, and most importantly making your jump shots unguardable. This can be done with or without a partner. However, if you have a friend with you, make it a competition and speed up the pace.

2. Dribble right left

Perfecting your dribbling skills opens up so many ball handling and scoring opportunities, such as eurosteps, behind the back, spin moves, and more. BlazePod has the Dribble Right Left drill, which offers a sense of mental focus that goes along with improving ball security.

In this drill, the player will set one pod on top of a cone, and start dribbling. When the first color lights up, tap it with your right hand, and the second with your left. It’s important to stay low to the ground and get as many dribbles in as possible, while reacting as quickly as possible.

Not only is this drill going to work on your dribbling skills, but it will also strengthen your arm muscles. The longer you do the workout, the more your muscles will be firing.

3. Hustle Jump Go

No matter the level of play, basketball is an exhausting sport that requires powerful legs that allow you to run and jump all game long. Hustle Jump Go can be an excellent drill for big men to focus on boxing out their defenders and maintaining stamina.

To set up, simply place two pods on the backboard indicating, and one a few feet behind the free throw line on a cone. To start the drill, have a friend with you who you will practice boxing out on, and when the pod lights up, go up and tap it. After that, sprint to the home base button at the free throw line and repeat.

As it’s going to tire you out very quickly, after a few goes at it, try taking free throws. This will help simulate what it would feel like to go to the line after a long rebounding battle that leads to a shooting foul. This really puts to the test how we cognitively function after being physically tired.

Now those were just a few out of the many drills that focus on flash reflex training as part of your basketball game. If you want to physically see the improvement, keep on repeating these drills as well as others in the BlazePod app in your training sessions.

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