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Senior QA

Why BlazePod?

BlazePod is a young yet fast-growing B2C start-up sports tech company based in Tel Aviv, with offices in the United States. This means our employees have the opportunity to grow with us and see the direct impact of their work on a global scale. We want our employees on all levels to take initiative, be creative and get involved in every aspect of our activity. All the teams work closely together to encourage a hive mind of ideas and solutions, because we believe in maintaining a family atmosphere and producing the best work possible. 
We currently have a total of 35 personnel, catering to hundreds of thousands of users who use our product all over the world. We know how to have fun but also take our job seriously, and are looking for talented professionals to join our team. If you are into sports and fitness, that is definitely a plus!.

What will you do?

We are looking for a passionate and detail-orientated QA to join our R&D team for our next phase of rapid growth. 
The QA team is responsible for all parts of our product: the apps, website, the server and databases, and last but definitely not least, the physical devices controlled by the app. 
The QA team employees test all the parts of our system, and all activities in the app, and are responsible for “signing off” on each version before we release them to our customers. 
Without the meticulous eyes of our talented QA employees - we wouldn’t be able to send out anything!  

  • 3-4 years of QA experience
  • Passion for quality and user satisfaction
  • SQL knowledge - advantage