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Comparison of power and agility evaluation by the visual response speed test after the body stabilization exercise intervention of handball, football and volleyball athletes in elementary school

Chul-Seung Kim, Yong-Seon Lee , Jong-Hyuk Yun

Compare the differences in power and agility of athletes in each sports using visual response speed test (VRST) scores after conducting 10 weeks of body stability exercise (BSE) on elementary school athletes in handball, football, volleyball and conducted a post-hoc test on the measured values.

After applying the BSE program under the same conditions for 10 weeks to elementary school students who can improve their power and agility the most, the results of the examination using the Blaze pod showed that the power and agility of baseball, taekwondo, and soccer players were similarly improved. From the fact that there was no significant difference among sports, it could be inferred that the BES training program could improve VRST without being limited to some sports.


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